Keren Chernizon

director & cinematographer

Born in Sao Paulo - Brazil in 1985, Keren has a Bachelor Degree in Media Studies and a Master Degree in Photography with specialization in Visual Anthropology. Before establishing herself as a filmmaker and visual artist she gathered her professional experience working for many years as a producer in different Broadcasters in Brazil, pursuing later a career as a photojournalist collaborating on assignments for newspapers and magazines around the world.

Today living in Berlin she is working as a documentary filmmaker, editor and colorist. Her documentary "Rebbellion" was selected to take part at Esodoc (European Social Documentary), IDFAcademy, Go East Festival and Baltic Sea Docs training programs. She is also the creator of Projeto SOLO, a media channel specialized in audiovisual creations for dance, theater performances and art installations.

In its six years of existence, she created award winning dance films, had international solo exhibitions and collaborated with choreographers and theater directors on the creation of visual projections for live performances that went on tour in Europe, Asia and South America.

Keren Chernizon
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Daniel Siqueira

director & editor

Coming from a background in interactive multimedia design, Daniel first worked as editor, animator and post production artist for video production and ad-agencies in são paulo. Later, wrote and directed video campaigns for non-profits and grassroots organization in Brazil involved in the drug legalization debate, the promotion of secular state countering the increasing influence of evangelical fundamentalism within local culture and politics.

Upon moving to Berlin, engaged with a policy advocacy organization researching the lives of sex-workers in nine EU countries, producing a series of interviews with the advocate leaders to strengthen the organization's internet presence and public reach.

Daniel also specialized in drone aerial cinematography collaborating with filmmakers and developing a stock footage platform

Keren Chernizon
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